Slow Days

My hand has been busted since november last year (and still is) so I guess updates might be a bit sparse for now. I have an infection in my dominant arm near the elbow which won’t go away unless I rest and that is what I have been doing for the larger part of this year. If I stop drawing completely, however, I’ll go crazy so I’m starting this sketchblog to have something to do.

This year has been really depressing for a whole lot of reasons so far but I won’t whine on about them here. Suffice to say, drawing stuff has been helpful in keeping me from being too depressed and school has kept me busy. Speaking of school, I’m currently studying japanese at Dalarna university. It’s a distance-course and it’s really interesting.

I did this pic for an assignment we had. We were supposed to make a schedule of one of the days from the week before the assignment. I tried experimenting with crosshatching and visibility here but I feel like I only got it right in pic #2. The japanese characters doesn’t say much more than what time it is in the pics.

Next up are character designs for the comic I submitted to this years Comic Royale anthology. They are kind of weird but so is the story.

And lastly we have a creepy self-portrait with some slightly off proportions that ended up not getting used for it’s intended purpose. This is one of the more recent things I’ve done. While working on this I noticed that my hand complains a whole lot less if I just draw stuff and don’t ink it. So that’s what I’ll be doing from now on until my arm gets better.


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