Learning to Relax

What kind of person you are sometimes bleeds through and shows in the material you produce. It’s only natural, that’s how you define your style after all. Sometimes though, things I don’t want find their way into my pictures. I am an uptight person in some ways and so my pictures tend to be unintentionally stale  sometimes. This has also contributed to having my arm die on me. I’m often afraid of drawing my lines in the wrong way and I end up gripping my pen/brush so hard my knuckles turn white. I have no idea if others can even see any of this in my drawings.

Keeping this in mind, I’ve been trying to learn to relax my grip on my pen/brush this last week. It’s hard for me as I’m used to drawing like this and has been for four years. At the same time I want to start doing some pictures that don’t have to amount to anything special. Drawing some stuff for this blog is ideal for this, I guess. So, in the interest of sparing my arm from this kind of pain in the future, I’m actively trying to relax while drawing/painting. Here’s how that looks like.

Well, that turned out ok. I’m not that used to painting freehand without doing a draft but it turned out ok. This is the front cover for a webcomic I’m working on (it wasn’t supposed to be at first). The comic itself has been standing till for a few months due to the fact that I have a hard time inking the pages. I’ll start posting it at smackjeeves eventually though and I’ll probably have a big update about that here later.

Next up is something kind of creepy. I made it while I was a bit depressed. I’m still happy with how it came out, however. This is also freehand and kind of complex for being drawn without even a thumbnail. But it’s still not what I was going for with the whole relaxed-theme.

Ah, that’s more like it. I tried using mostly bright colours for this and ended up using a lot of whiteout for the storm-effect. I was really getting into not straining my hand when I did this. Maybe there is some hope after all. Anyway, the colours are a bit too bright on my borrowed laptop but it looked good at school. If you want to have a closer look at these paintings there are slightly bigger versions in my DeviantArt, gallery.

This is how the previous painting might look like from another angle. I actually drew it while waiting for the painting to dry. So here I tried to use my steel  nibs and brushes without having to strain too much. I can’t really tell if I got anywhere with it though. It’ seems it’s here I really have to put in an effort in the future. Well these pics have been a bit random and relaxed but it feels like they are all based on some sudden vision I’ve gotten. Not really random enough. Somethings missing…

Well, OK. A guy jumping of a bathhouse trampoline with clothes on and his arms turning into smoke is random enough for me I guess. I kind of like him. I might use him for something else when I feel like it. Phew, that’s quite a few pictures a week for someone who shouldn’t be drawing. Well, I have one more.

I have some vampire characters that I created for a comic that I ended up not doing (yet). I just had this sudden urge to draw them. The pose is off but then again, I’ve never drawn dancing people before. From this pic I’ve learned, though, that I should not fill in dark areas with a technical pen. Maybe I should get a big graphite pen or something………..wait, I have one. Ah well.

All in all, I’ve taken a step towards getting more relaxed in my art and hopefully it’ll make a difference some day. Now I have to stop drawing so much and rest for a while. Till next time.


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