Doctor’s orders

I got my arm examined by a doctor again this thursday. The last time was some time in january, I think, so I kind of needed it as my hand is not well yet. So I got another shot which was made up of  cortisone and some three other scary sounding substances I didn’t catch the name of. I think I might have gotten a double dose as well. Anyway, my arm hurt like hell these last two days, which is supposedly normal when you take this medication. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t the same muscle that hurt this time. It was actually the opposite side of last time, that is, the muscles that move the tendons on the back of my right hand. It might be because they got more strained after the ones from last time got weaker, I don’t really know. I’m playing it safe for a few days so I can rest up my arm either way. I got some advice as well from the doctor about training, stretching and things we can try if this doesn’t work. I hope it will though.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a bit about something my doctor said to me during my first examination. But let’s start with some pictures!

Naked people! Ok, so you might be wondering why I’m showing you some useless figure drawing pictures. Which did you like the most? What if I told you that the first picture is drawn with my left hand? Compare it to the second picture which is mae with my right hand. Yep, these past few months I’ve been practising drawing with my left hand whenever I go to a figure drawing session. So the thing my doctor told me when I said I’d draw with my left hand was “Really? That’s amazing. I can hardly even write with my left hand.” (or something similar, come on, I hardly even remember things correctly past today). The point, however, is not that I’m good at drawing stuff (yes it is) but that he said that as if writing is easy. Maybe it is! If I can draw with my left hand, I should be able to write with it! Let’s try!

Uh…..yeah. Well it turns out that isn’t actually the case. I have heard people say before that they could never draw stuff and that I’m awesome for being able to do it. They go on about how impossible it would be if they tried it. Some say that you need talent. Well, I agree somewhat but there are lots of us that can’t just rely on talent alone. Drawing is a hard skill to learn but if I put it in perspective with writing, something else becomes a bit more clear. I, that can draw a bit with my left hand can hardly write with it. Doesn’t that make writing a kind of impressive ability? Tell me, how many of you reading this are able to write? If you can learn to write you should be able to learn to draw. It just takes time to learn, JUST as writing does. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this but it’s just a thought that occurred to me. So to all of you out there who would like to be able to draw, but think it’s hopeless: give it some time and practice!

Well, I guess that’s about enough random ranting from me. Here, have a werewolf on a bicycle:


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