Left hand doodles!


Vampire and bad anatomy!

By your powers combined….

……no. Well anyway, I’m still recovering and trying to learn how to not kill my hand when I draw stuff. That last pic is an old one I did on one of the comic royale meetings. We exchanged lyrics for songs we picked and were supposed to illustrate the one we got. I got some lyrics about a person sending a red balloon into the air from a mountain. It was a japanese song translated into swedish so it was a bit weird. I just felt like putting a morbid spin on it since it seemed a bit too happy.

I’ve been working a bit on my webcomic as well (the one I’m not updating yet). I’ve drawn a few pages and have also been drawing concept art since I need to know how some things should look before I introduce them in the actual pages.

As I said, I’m still working on it. I just can’t ink the pages with my hand being as it is so I’m doing what I can with the storyboarding and penciling. Well, that’s all this time, except for this picture:

It is very metal.



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2 responses to “Resting

  1. Diggar munnarna! Tycker det är bland det roligaste och mest utmanande att rita. Inte lätt att få till uttrycket man är ute efter.

    Nu har jag länkat till din blogg! Good stuff :)

    …. finns en risk att jag dubbelpostat :P

    • Jo, det brukar vara kul. Munnen och ögonen har otroligt många uttryck så det gäller att öva en hel del om man vill kunna få in subtila känslor i ansiktsuttryck.

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