I went to Small Press Expo this weekend and it was a blast. Getting there was tough though as I didn’t get a lot of sleep, had to run to catch the train and felt like shit most of the weekend. That aside, I met a lot of old friends, made some new ones and attended some interesting seminars. Author of Scott Pilgrim, Bryan Lee O’Malley, was there as well. He did book-signings at SF-bokhandeln. Sadly enough, he wasn’t very talkative when it was my turn but I can easily understand why: the line was looooong. Well, I got a nifty looking cat drawn in my copy of Lost at Sea so I’m not complaining.

I was sitting between Linus Remahl (far left) and Fredrik Svensson (third from left) at the Comic Royale-table. We were selling books and fanzines between 12pm and 2pm, saturday. -Thanks to Lyn Karlsson for the photo.

This years Comic Royale is loaded with good comics. One of the high points of this years SPX, though, was the fact that the 2nd years from Gävle university’s Comics and Storytelling-program won the people’s price with their beautiful anthology “7 Oktober”. Congratulations, you guys.

We wandered around a whole lot in Stockholm and it took its toll on me. The only thing keeping me from being a total wreck right now is lots and lots of sleep. I’ve been kind of lazy these last few days as well but I’ve still managed to draw a little. With my left hand.

Random doodles.

Yes, this is left hand-drawn as well.

I’ve also started working on the storyboards for the second chapter of my webcomic. If I have any luck I might be able to start drawing the actual pages again soon. Anyway, the final japanese exam is coming up in a week or so and I might not have time to work on any pictures for a while. We’ll just see. If I know myself at all, I’ll probably get something done anyway.



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4 responses to “SPX

  1. Coolt! Jävligt styft jobbat med krokodil-vänsterhands-bilden. Det är en annorlunda sjysst touch till de bilderna, vet inte vad men jag tycker du borde finna lägen att använda dig av vänster hand istället för höger, även när höger hand går att använda. Nu kanske jag skriver rörigt. :P jag menar tror du kan få till ett speciellt uttryck med vänster hand som du kanske inte kan med höger och förstås tvärtom.

    • Hahah, jo. Jag ska fortsätta använda vänsterhanden när jag tecknar kroki. Jag håller också med om att det blir en annorlunda touch när jag tecknar med vänsterhanden. Det kan bero på att linjerna blir slarvigare för att jag inte kan hålla handen lika stabilt när jag drar linjerna så som jag kan med högern.

  2. Olfar

    En kååt krokofil

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