Left-handed train doodles & animals

I haven’t been drawing much lately. I’ve just been resting for close to four weeks. I went home for a while intent on letting my arm heal. It worked, kind of. The pain is gone but I still feel a bit worn. I expect I’ll start drawing again soon, though. Anyway, here are some doodles I made on the train with my left hand:

These were kind of relaxing.

The ink ran out of every damn pen I used for this.

Before I took the train back I went to the local zoo with some friends. It’s called “Parken Zoo”, formerly known for its white tigers and the attraction called “Fantomens Grotta” (The cave of the Phantom, yes the comic book character). Both of those attractions are now gone. The cave was modeled after the cave in the comics (I think, I’ve read very few of the comics) and it had a throne, treasury and an employee dressed as the Phantom who walked around the zoo giving kids ink-stamps with his skull-ring. I’ll talk about that more soon but first, some animals:


This guy was climbing above us in the new house of reptiles. Not sure if he was actually supposed to be outside his cage.

Snack, please?

That is one badass turtle.

This one had something up its sleeve. I didn't dare go closer.

This fellow seemed a bit lonely.

I know, the photos suck. I took them with my phone camera and I suck at photography overall but it’ll have to do anyway. Most of the animals in the front of the park were missing or largely bored but some of the ones in the back were interesting to see and a bit more lively. Well then, let’s return to the cave. I remember going there as a kid and thinking it was cool but nowadays I’m more or less ambivalent about the place. Still, I was curios to see what they had replaced it with. What do kids like these days?

Is that a....pirate flag?

"The piRATs nest." .............Seriously?

God, they ARE serious.


….yeah. I’m not sure what’s worse. The things I saw or that I actually miss the phantom. Google “fantomengrottan parken zoo” if you want to see how it looked like before. Well anyway, after that last disappointment we left.

They kept the statues at the entrance though.

We went a bit closer...

...but were careful not to touch.




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2 responses to “Left-handed train doodles & animals

  1. Jag gillar den första bilden med träden – den är riktigt snygg.

    Also – ingen mer Fantomengrotta? Vadihelahelvetessatan – så får man ju inte hålla på! Och så inga vita tigrar längre. :( Parken Zoo är inte Parken Zoo längre.

    … Och vad i helskotta är den där sista prylen? Den ser ut som en reklampelare för überläskiga leksakshästar. D:

    • Jo, jag blev lite förvånad över skogsbilderna. Hade ingen referens och hade tecknat väldigt lite de senaste veckorna när jag gjorde den.

      Men ja, mer förvånande är ändringarna i parken zoo. Om det inte hade varit för de mer livliga och intressanta djuren längst in hade jag varit uttråkad. Ett trevligt tillägg är dock att de gjort om barnens zoo så att djur går fritt där man själv kan gå. Det är väl mer tama djur som getter och grisas. Blev dock innerligt besviken över att det inte fanns några djurskötare där när jag gick dit. Om de var där hade jag kunnat hålla i en orm :C

      Den sista prylen är en soptunna btw. Det gör det inte mindre förvirrande dock.

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