Yes, it’s true. While my arm doesn’t hurt anymore it’s still a bit worn. It gets healthier every day though, I can feel the strength returning. You might think I’ve been resting a lot after hearing that, but no. I’ve actually been drawing like crazy. The reason for the recent inactivity is actually due to moving to another town (Gothenburg) and no longer having easy access to a scanner. So what is the reason for this swift and magical recovery? Well……training. I’ve started exercising a lot, especially in the arm-department. I’m sure the 3-week period of resting I had back in june had some effect but it wasn’t until I started doing push-ups and grip training that the weariness started to go away. I’ve also found that hour-long walks help, especially after sitting still and working on a piece for a long time.

So anyway, I mentioned drawing like crazy. Well, there isn’t much I can show at the moment. But it involves a certain webcomic I’ve been whining about for a while now. So I’ll just give you a small teaser:

P: 51/51 I: 41/51 ST: 0 D: 0

Speaking of teasers. Here’s another one for a project I’ll start working on soon:


That’s enough teasing for now. The rest is just some random stuff. Here’s a test-page I made while trying out Deleters manuscript-paper:

I kinda feel sorry for him.

I also bought a sketchbook with fine paper that I’ll be using for random Illustrations. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Creepy brush practise.

That’s all for now!


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3 responses to “Recovery

  1. Hi Alek, I am glad your arm doesn’t hurt anymore! It sounds like you have been suffering with this for too long (since last November???!!!) Anyway, I just found your blog today, as I look around at illustrators. I have just set up a blog for illustrations yesterday, and if you have time maybe you can take a look and perhaps send in something for me to upload..
    I hope that the blog will become some kind of forum, and I would like to add a link to your blog, with your permission. Dominic

  2. Göteborg? Vad i hela helvete? Är det här nån slags konspiration? Hälften av alla jag känner flyr söderut! Är ni rädda för snö, eller vad?

    Skönt att höra att armen är bättre nu – bra att träningen hjälper.

    Jag gillar verkligen den där havsbilden; den är riktigt, riktigt mysig, och vattnet är jävligt snyggt!

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