Book and guest art

I’ve been busy lately with trying to find a job and working on my comic so of course this site has been dead for a while. But I have some news today:

To start of, I can gladly say that I’m almost done with chapter two of Silver Vein. In fact, I’m going to start posting two pages every day from today on. If you prefer reading it in one go, just look out for the next blog-update instead. Others will find my smackjeeves account or drunk duck account on the right, under “other accounts”.

Now then, about the book. I still intend to try having a collected version of chapters 1-2 done in time for SPX. Since there is so little time I’m not sure if I’ll actually make it, but if I do I might have a few pages left for guest art. So, artist friends, anyone feel like making a quick silver vein-doodle? It’ll have to be in black and white. IF the book won’t be done in time and you still have a pic done I’ll just feature it here on this blog instead. I’m going to provide some pics of the main characters design for inspiration (but not too much, the small differences are the fun parts of guest art). You also have the first chapter to go through if you need more material. Anyway, to the interested: have fun and here’s the pics:¨

Lastly, this is a good reference for the sword.



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5 responses to “Book and guest art

  1. Oooh, gästteckningar! :D Jag vill nog snickra ihop något – ska titta närmare på det här imorgon, när jag har tid.

  2. Anonymous

    Skulle vara kul! Bara man hinner göra en bild som gör serien rättvisa! Jag har ju ännu inte funnit tid att läsa igenom allt i ett svep, har också haft i åtanke att vänta tills serien var tryckt i ett fanzin. Men om det ska ritas något får jag ta och läsa ordentligt på nätet :)

  3. Om det inte stod i föregående meddelande så var det från mig, Olov :)

  4. Ser nu att det inte kom fram, anonyma meddelanden kanske måste godkännas först…

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