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SV page updates Chapter 01

I have some bigger blog updates coming but for now I just want to make a quick note of what I’m currently working on. I thought that I should do some warm-ups before I start working on chapter 3 of Silver Vein. I also looked at the two first chapters and found that there are some pages I can’t stand looking at. These are pages that either don’t work art-wise or that have a layout that might be hard to follow. The first chapter in particular has some really jarring jumps in quality when it comes to the art and it’s because I drew it on and off over a long period of 18 months. So I’ve fixed six pages from chapter one and are now moving on to chapter two. Let’s have a little before-and-after look at said pages (old ones to the left, new ones to the right):


CH01 – Title Page

CH01 – Page 11

CH01 – Page 13

CH01 – Page 23

CH01 – Page 25

CH01 – Page 30


I’ll update the smackjeeves & drunk duck accounts shortly. I might even make some more small changes to the pages in both chapters as the time for putting together the collected volume draws near. I won’t change anything after it’s printed though. That’s all for now. Next update will have the updated pages for chapter two.


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