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SV page updates Chapter 02

I finally got these done. It took a while since I had to get used to my new job. Well,  I guess it’s time to move on to chapter three. Old ones are to the left/on top. New ones to the right/bottom.

In slightly related news, I’ve begun to use some photo reference. The results are frequently good so I’ll be using it a lot more from now on. Here are some examples:

Serial killer face! Ehum, anyway, that last self-portrait is the only one I’ve made that I don’t hate. Hey, working with color is fun, I should do that more. Oh wait, I have a 100 page chapter to draw. Dang. Well, I haven’t been all that active on this blog but I’ll try to step up the pace. There is some material I’ve managed to do this summer, I guess. We’ll start with that…..soon.


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SV page updates Chapter 01

I have some bigger blog updates coming but for now I just want to make a quick note of what I’m currently working on. I thought that I should do some warm-ups before I start working on chapter 3 of Silver Vein. I also looked at the two first chapters and found that there are some pages I can’t stand looking at. These are pages that either don’t work art-wise or that have a layout that might be hard to follow. The first chapter in particular has some really jarring jumps in quality when it comes to the art and it’s because I drew it on and off over a long period of 18 months. So I’ve fixed six pages from chapter one and are now moving on to chapter two. Let’s have a little before-and-after look at said pages (old ones to the left, new ones to the right):


CH01 – Title Page

CH01 – Page 11

CH01 – Page 13

CH01 – Page 23

CH01 – Page 25

CH01 – Page 30


I’ll update the smackjeeves & drunk duck accounts shortly. I might even make some more small changes to the pages in both chapters as the time for putting together the collected volume draws near. I won’t change anything after it’s printed though. That’s all for now. Next update will have the updated pages for chapter two.

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“Lake” & SV Guest Feature

Two posts in three days? I’m not sure what I’ve been smoking but I sure want some. Bad jokes aside, it’s time for some features! Let’s start off with that comic project I talked about last time:

Let me introduce the comic “Lake”. It’s about a guy named (wait for it): Lake. He wields magical cards of many types, looks like he just came from a Sisters of Mercy concert and is traveling his world trying to hide from his past. Sounds exciting? We’re going for two updates a week, starting today with this pretty cover.

As you might figure from the cover; this comic is the brainchild of Ronald Betfjord. He’s asked me to help him with cleaning, coloring, screentones, translation, dialogue and some general ideas. READ IT!

Let’s move on to the Silver Vein guest art. So, the book might take a bit longer to get done but I received some really nice guest art for the book that I want to show off. It’s a nice chance for a little guest feature that I’ve wanted to do for a while. So here goes:


Yep, squirrels again. Ronald seems to have caught on to one of Ailys’s national pastimes. Chasing small animals with your trusted knife & dog. Ronald has just recently gotten himself a blog but I suspect there’ll be some stuff happening there soon.


Anna Landin – creator of fictional universes involving more characters than people you know and illustrator of amazing & pretty things. She’s recently gotten more into colour with amazing results. Here she’s showing us what Silver Vein would be like if Whisper was actually cute.


Ah, Linus. Every paper he touches turns into an awesome picture. Now a professional illustrator. Damn/bless him.


Is there anything this guy can’t do? From concept art for games to all kinds of illustrations & comics. From black & white to color, Daniel gets it all done with an incredible sense of style.


If there’s one person I wouldn’t want to be trapped in a dark room with, it’s Olovs imagination. This guy manages to make ME scared of my own character. Need I say more? Check out his fantastic webcomic Wayfar and have a look at the amazing short film based on the prologue of Wayfar.

SO, those are the features.

Now that the first volume of Silver Vein is pushed back, there’s plenty of time. Feel left out? Didn’t have time to get it right? Didn’t hear of this ’till now? Keep the art coming, friends, and I’ll put it in the book. Anyway, SPX draws near. I’ll see all of you who are going in a few days!

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Change of plan

Due to a tricky economic situation and being unable to find a good printing-house; the first Silver Vein-book will not be printed in time for SIS/SPX 2012. It just didn’t work out for me this year. This has created some interesting opportunities though. I found out that the printing-house I originally intended to use (but couldn’t thanks to the long shipping time) offers double the pages I wanted in the book for 1/3 the price compared to what I found here, in Gothenburg. So instead of rushing to print the book now, I intend to wait until I finish making chapter three and then include it in the book. This will allow me to make an affordable 200+ page book with plenty of time to revise some pages I don’t like and add more extras. In the end, I think it will be worth it. I’ll still be going to SIS though, as I want to meet friends and get to know more people in the comics community here.

Anyhow, have some pics:

This is an anatomy exercise turned Silver Vein concept-art. For once I didn’t hate working with colours. This might also be some of the brightest colors I’ve used in a picture so far. Anyway, I’m spending some time doing random pics and practicing anatomy after finishing work on the book. The cooldown-period I need after big projects is starting to disappear.

Some random doodles.

Another Howl-pic. This one was another anatomy-excercise.

That’s it for this time. I’ll have one more post done before SPX. It will feature the guest art I received for the SV-book and also a whole new comic project I’m working on with a friend. Look forward to it.


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Silver Vein #1

The comic known as Howling Thousand Sun is dead. Now welcome its younger, less crappy brother:

The first chapter is finally finished. Now go read it, HERE.

So….chapter one. I HATE IT. It took me OVER A YEAR to create due to several problems such as it sucking, hand strain, having to move to another city and coming up with the rest of the story while drawing it. It’s a clichéd, rambling, incoherent mess of a fantasy story. It makes me want to slap it around but unfortunately it’s digital. NO, WAIT, IT ISN’T. I still have the original pages!


Anyway. I’m working on chapter two right now. It’s about 60 pages long and a whole lot better. Well….back to work, I guess.


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