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SV page updates Chapter 01

I have some bigger blog updates coming but for now I just want to make a quick note of what I’m currently working on. I thought that I should do some warm-ups before I start working on chapter 3 of Silver Vein. I also looked at the two first chapters and found that there are some pages I can’t stand looking at. These are pages that either don’t work art-wise or that have a layout that might be hard to follow. The first chapter in particular has some really jarring jumps in quality when it comes to the art and it’s because I drew it on and off over a long period of 18 months. So I’ve fixed six pages from chapter one and are now moving on to chapter two. Let’s have a little before-and-after look at said pages (old ones to the left, new ones to the right):


CH01 – Title Page

CH01 – Page 11

CH01 – Page 13

CH01 – Page 23

CH01 – Page 25

CH01 – Page 30


I’ll update the smackjeeves & drunk duck accounts shortly. I might even make some more small changes to the pages in both chapters as the time for putting together the collected volume draws near. I won’t change anything after it’s printed though. That’s all for now. Next update will have the updated pages for chapter two.


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Silver Vein #2

So! Chapter two is now completely available over at Smack Jeeves and will be complete over at The Duck in just a few days. Read it!

Anyway, I want to take the time to reflect a bit on this chapter.

Generally, I think the quality has gone up a bit. Chapter 2 looks a bit better than the first one and the pages have more variation and sharper design (screentones, word balloons etc). The plot is moving a bit slowly right now but I wanted to have a stronger focus on the main characters since this comic is an exercise in working with more developed characters. I’m the plot-centric kind of author, so I need this. Yet plot-centric it’s going to become with the next chapter, where I introduce the main story, the story of the Silver Vein world.

Going back to this chapter, I think I’ve improved a bit (doing 100 comic pages ultimately does that to you). I feel, however, that my anatomy-skills and perspective-skills are starting to rust. So there will be a break between chapters 2 and 3. I’m going to spend the time working on another comic project while I study comics, anatomy and perspective as much as I can. I’ll still work on the storyboard for chapter 3, only not on the actual pages.

Enough of my ranting. What did YOU guys think of the new chapter? I’m curious to hear it. Don’t be afraid to tell me even if you have a lot of negative criticism going on. That’s why I’m making this comic after all, to be able to improve.

Oh, and as a small extra, let’s have a look at that cover for the collected version again (it’s already on deviantart):

Yes – I’m a bit proud of it, although I’ll probably hate it to death in a month or so. I am working a lot right now to be able to print it in time for SPX. I also pushed back the deadline for the guest art to sunday this week. Anyone who wants to have their art in the book MUST have it ready by tomorrow in other words. Well…time to get more work done on the book.


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Silver Vein #1

The comic known as Howling Thousand Sun is dead. Now welcome its younger, less crappy brother:

The first chapter is finally finished. Now go read it, HERE.

So….chapter one. I HATE IT. It took me OVER A YEAR to create due to several problems such as it sucking, hand strain, having to move to another city and coming up with the rest of the story while drawing it. It’s a clichéd, rambling, incoherent mess of a fantasy story. It makes me want to slap it around but unfortunately it’s digital. NO, WAIT, IT ISN’T. I still have the original pages!


Anyway. I’m working on chapter two right now. It’s about 60 pages long and a whole lot better. Well….back to work, I guess.


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